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Don’t forget that some of our cool local bloggers are also in business; some use their blog as their business site, in fact. Check ’em out!

Beatrix, of the Roots & Leaves blog, just launched her Root & Leaf business website. If you’re in the market for herbs and spices – or a therapeutic massage – give her a call.

Josh Hutchins, besides being a great blogger (and AF veteran, and rock-n-roller), is also a realtor who specializes in eco-friendly practices.

Janna Miller is an awesome photographer, a good friend and citizen, and also runs the “Poetic Portraits” blog.

And last but definitely not least: ReAnn Rothwell! She specializes in organization: financial documents, office management, tax preparation, and more. Best of all, she always has some great ideas to share on her blog.


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  1. Thank you for the write up David! I always appreciate it! It should Also be Mentioned that Dave at keeps our local blogsphere lively and up to date! So as a push for a little publicity make a Dave note in your blogs! Brown nosing completed 😀

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