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Doing some more searching about the return of the Missileer Badge (aka the “Pocket Rocket”) and I stumbled across the Missile Forums. Among the highlights: rumors of the return of the badge began circulating back in February; quite a bit of discussion about the subject. I wonder if civilians understand the passion often displayed about such military-specific topics as badges and ribbons and medals. And there’s a thread started by a newly-minted missileer who learned in January out that his first duty assignment would be to Malmstrom Air Force Base. He got plenty of advice from folks who are or were stationed here in Great Falls, including places to visit, restaurants of note, tips for dealing with the weather, and this interesting tidbit: “Under no circumstances buy the house at 2215 6th Avenue North. it was falling down when I sold it in ’78. It should have been bulldozed.” The young missileer arrived here in town on June 1st, and so far seems happy with his new “home.” Welcome to Great Falls, hockey85!


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