Chester, Montana

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It was a fun weekend: on Saturday, we drove out to Monarch/Neihart, and on Sunday we drove up to Chester on the Montana Hi-Line. Small community; about 1,000 people, and the seat of Liberty County. It’s amazing how different the scenery is when you drive north versus south (or southwest). Both are beautiful drives, in their own way; I know that some people don’t consider the flatter, more barren region north of Great Falls to be “beautiful,” but it really is awesome. The highlight of the trip was the Sugar Shack – a way-cool retro diner. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open; some of the locals told us that it closed a couple of summers ago, and they’re not sure if it will re-open. Here’s some pix of the trip; click to see ’em all and in full-size:

day-trip to chester, montana!

We also stopped by the Liberty Village Arts Center and got a sneak-peak at the Nancy Greenfield exhibition that was being set up. The Arts Center is cool – the building used to be a small church, and lends itself nicely to being a community arts center. All in all, Chester seemed to be a great little community; we’ll be back!


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