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Carol over at Missoulapolis has the best chuckle of the campaign, regarding the amount of media coverage and journalists and politicians criss-crossing our state in the run-up to today’s last-in-the-nation Democratic primary:

At last – at last! Montanans get the worldwide attention and buzz they’ve craved! Why, maybe the kids won’t move to Seattle after all.

Heh. Yep, it’s been interesting being the “center of the universe” for a few days here in Montana…and I suppose media coverage of our primary election is better than media coverage of a psycho bomber or militia-men. But politically, our moment in the sun is now over.

Unless Montana somehow opts for hanging chads in November, and we become the “Florida” of Election 2008.



  1. Funny thing is, for the past seven and a half years, I’ve been thinking that if either Gore or Bush had spent some real effort courting our measly three electoral votes, the election wouldn’t have been in dispute. It’s a hindsight thing, I know, but still…

  2. I was forced to move to Seattle in 1989 (I was only 11), and how I wish I were back in Great Falls. I hate it out here. The traffic sucks, a tiny little house in an “ok” neighborhood starts at $300K, and when I tell people that I received my first shotgun at 7, people go nuts. Not to mention that it’s the first week of June and I have yet to see the sun for any length of time. As soon as I finish school I’m headed back to Great Falls. You all are luckier than you can imagine.

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