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GF Girl posts about the proposed start date for the coal plant, and also the recent activity – or lack thereof – of Electric City Power.
Dave offers a traffic suggestion, to which I add: how about a left-turn light at 23rd Street & 10th Ave South? He also tells us about an odd theft.
Great Falls Scanner offers up some humorous tips for dealing with “tailgaters.”
Newly-promoted Shannon attended the Obama rally with some friends, and received some VIP treatment. Why? She offers one possible reason.
And while Todd and Kelly celebrate the graduation of one son, they need your help naming their soon-to-be son!


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  1. David; I know that there are issues that come up about left turn lights. They usually require re-timing the lights up and down 10th Ave South. That is why the city was so reluctant to put a left turn light at 9th Street until after the widening project about a decade ago.

    In any case, the person to talk to about that is Andrew Finch, the City’s traffic planner, afinch AT greatfallsmt DOT net.

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