Monarch, Neihart, & The Lazy Doe

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Took a nifty little day-trip out to Monarch and Neihart today, and stopped for an awesome lunch at the Lazy Doe. We also cruised a bit farther south and saw the snow at Showdown. It’s so great to know that even as we enter June, there’s still snow to be found!

day trip to monarch and neihart!
(click to see bigger and more pictures!)

Some other highlights of the trip:

– Temperatures ranged from 76 degrees (at the Belt Creek turnoff) to 49 degrees (at Showdown). It was raining up at the top of the hill, too.

– Speaking of Belt Creek: holy cow, it was raging! We also saw The Old Turk rock formation.

– The double-cheeseburger at the Lazy Doe is large. Really large. I’m embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t finish it.

– We saw three hoary marmots (may have been yellow-bellied marmots, but “hoary marmots” sounds funnier), two young deer, and one coyote. And of course plenty of cows and horses. The marmots and the coyote were too quick to get any pictures, but the deer were pretty mellow. We pulled over on the shoulder and they weren’t too concerned; they just kept nibbling the grass and twitching their ears, even though we were only about 20 feet away.

All in all, a great little day-trip. Absolutely stunning scenery. Next time we head out that way, we’re going to try eating at the Cub’s Den.

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  1. David; Lazy Doe lunches are great. Next time you are out and about there, try the dinners at Bob’s Bar; really exceptional.

    There is still some great skiing to be had at Showdown. You just have to “earn your turns” by walking up the mountain!

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