Dem Rallies in Great Falls

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I don’t know how many supporters the Obama team expected to attend this evening’s rally at the Four Seasons Arena, but I bet they were hoping for more than 2,400. Frankly, I expected to read that more people showed up, too.

And on the other side of the Dem divide, former President Bill Clinton will be in Great Falls on Sunday, appearing at 3:45 at the Paris Gibson Education Center.

If anyone attended the Obama rally, or plans to see Clinton, and wants to share their experience, drop a comment here.

UPDATE: some video and pictures of the Obama rally.

MORE: Jack The Blogger over at The Western Word offers some thoughts on the poor attendance.



  1. Hi. I am trying hard to get some stats on “Malmstrom” Air Force Base, and must wait unitl Monday! EKKKK! I live in Bozeman, and it was indcated in our news paper that the election officials, in Great Falls were concerned because they still had 17,000 Absentee Ballots, unaccounted for? I immediately thought of your Air Force Base, and the closest number I can come up with is 4,544 residents, do you think this is accurate, does it include children? In any case 17,000 votes are allot of votes in a State with such a small population.

    I expected allot more attedence to see Barack Obama last night, as well. I almost drove myself, but have already been to see him twice in Montana, but frankly could not afford the gas!


  2. That’s about right, but that likely only means the number of people who LIVE on Malmstrom; there are lots more who live in Great Falls (or surrounding area). And yes, that 4544 figure does include children. And based on my experience, I would estimate that only about 1/3 of the active-duty folks assigned to Malmstrom are registered as Montana voters.

    Bottom line: I don’t think Malmstrom is much of a factor in the # of absentee ballots.

  3. HMMMMMMMM…Thanks for the reply. We are finally gearing up for a celebration, on June 3rd, and I am afraid if these figures are correct, that we may end up with a “Lake County” Indiana, debocle, and I stayed up until 1:00am, to hear the final call, but doubt that all of our volunteers, or even the venue, where we will watch the polls come in, will want to stay open, or up that late! If you watched it, they were ‘whinning’ about having 11,000 absentee ballots, that they didn’t usually have to count, by hand! Guess who they were for? WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

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