Sip-n-Dip 101

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This is awesome: Jack Velvet, a hipster from Vancouver, drove all the way to Great Falls just to experience our world-famous Sip-n-Dip, and his blog entry about the trip includes a nifty 9-minute video that serves as sort of a “Sip-n-Dip 101” that includes the legendary Piano Pat, some mermaids, and the ritual consumption of a fishbowl.
And Jack’s better half, Miss Pinky, also documented their trip to Great Falls and has a bunch of pictures to share.
Overall, they did a great job of capturing some of the retro elements of our community that make it so cool. Thanks for visiting, Jack & Miss Pinky!



  1. The Great Falls trip was great, like going to mecca but with tropical drinks. It’s strangely soothing all that wild wide open. Thanks for reaching out can’t wait to absorb your blog.

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