Pull Tabs

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Got an e-mail via the Contact form with the following question: Where, in Great Falls, can I donate about 100 pounds of pull tabs from pop cans? Well, my initial thought is to try Pacific Steel & Recycling, but I’ll leave it to my much-smarter readers to offer alternatives.



  1. My wife saves them, she says, because each pull tab buys 3 minutes of time on a breathing machine for babies.

    In the 80’s, we saved them to help pay for time spent on a kidney dialysis machine.

  2. I used to spend entire summers with my grandparents collecting pulls tabs all over Great Falls.
    I believe they did it for Good Sam and were then donated to the Ronald McDonald House.
    Not sure how to contact either, but hopefully that helps or at least gives you some options.
    Good luck!

  3. Someone on my company posts the same general ad as what Dave mentioned above, and puts out large plastic mayo jars for to collect them. Says that they proceeds go to the shriners and yes pays time for kids on kidney dialysis machines. I researched that on snopes.com and even the shriners say its a cultural rumor. But this individual did not relent. About a year later, next to the posters and the mayo jars is a photocopied letter from the Florida Shriners, thanking my company for their kind donation, and that the proceeds will certainly help, yada yada. THE MADDEDING THING about this, is that on the letterhead, in the bottom margin, it states that the Florida Shriners office serves about 5 hardship areas. NONE OF WHICH are anywhere near the U.S. OF A. So the hard-earned efforts of our Great Falls tab pullers are helping kids NOT IN GREAT FALLS, NON IN Montana, NOT EVEN in America, but some far off destinations that you only see on TV.

    GET A BRAIN AND A CLUE PEOPLE. POP TABS are made of aluminum. Just like the can. TAKE THEM all in to your local recycler, get the cash, and PLEASE! Donate to whatever local charity you feel necessary, even if its in your own family.

  4. At Pacific Steel & Recycling, you can take the pull tabs in and ask that the amount of money be donated to a specific charity and they will do it. Or, take the money and donate it yourself. As a matter of fact, you can do that with any recyclable metal. And, they have a convenient drive thru to save you time and hassle.

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