KFBB Poll Bias?

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Sometimes the tendency of news outlets to lead the charge in trumpeting bad news gets to be mind-numbing, such as endless recent headlines declaring economic doom-n-gloom and telling everyone that higher gas prices are ruining vacations. Case in point: the current poll at the KFBB website seems to indicate that the folks at KFBB know that higher gas prices are “personally” affecting all of us, and they want to know exactly what steps you and I are taking to lessen the impact:

kfbb poll.jpg

So: is KFBB deliberately targeting only people who are “personally” affected by higher gas prices? Or is KFBB presuming that higher gas prices are “personally” affecting everyone?



  1. I feel like the answer to the poll is the end of the sentence. Therefore if gas prices are not personally affecting you….the poll does not affect you either.

  2. How can anyone be so ignorant to think that gas prices don’t effect every single person in this country. You ride a bike to work and every where else? Fine, but you still buy food right? You go and buy any merchandise what so ever and it has to be shipped here, with something that requires OIL.

  3. calm down, dave, and quit calling people “ignorant.” i was referring to the overall tone of the question; the use of the word “personally” implies that every person is having to face one of the options presented in the poll, when in fact that may not be the case for everyone.

  4. Everyone should be concerned about high regular gas prices and the higher price of diesel. Small businesses that deliver flowers or pizza, the buses, airlines, shipping companies and the grocery store. I can’t even think of how a person could not be affected. I agree with Dave. I think the presumption is correct. Gas prices are personally affecting everyone.

  5. Walter Greenspan on

    If people get upset enough about high energy prices, they may not want to re-elect to Congress those Democrats (and, sorry to say, a few Republicans) that continuously vote to restrict drilling in Alaska, off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and vote to block the extraction of shale oil in the northern Great Plains areas.

  6. Anyone that thinks that gas prices doesn’t effect everyone is being ignorant to the fact that gas prices effect every single thing we buy, from food to deodorant. So by the person writing this blog to say that gas prices don’t effect people is being ignorant. And being the definition of “ignorant” is lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact, I think I was right on the money.

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