One-Way Stay

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GF Girl alerts us that the City has finished the study examining the feasibility of converting 1st and 2nd Avenue South and 5th and 6th Street to two-way streets, from their current one-way status. The conclusion of the study:

The public comments, Neighborhood Council feedback, investigation into costs and the public opinion survey, all demonstrate there is little support for the conversion. Based on the above findings, staff recommends that all current efforts to convert the subject one-way streets and avenues to two-way be suspended.

Whew. I’m glad the streets will stay the same. The whole report can be found on the City’s website.


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  1. Yup

    Downtown merchants sort of kind of angsted (is that a word?) themselves by allowing Central Ave to be converted to only two “quaint” little lanes.

    And I for second am glad that the one way’s will remain.

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