Happy Friday!

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Just another thing to love about Great Falls: sure, it’s great that most of the coffee bars in town know my “regular” order — usually a quad-shot iced Americano — but it’s even more awesome that when I hit the Starbucks drive-thru to grab a bag o’beans, I get handed this (tnx Aaron!):

For Me!

In other news…a loyal reader e-mailed and asked if I know of any old-style phone booths here in town. There might be one at Eddie’s Supper Club, but if you know of any others, drop a comment or e-mail me.

And now it’s Question Time: are you as ready as I am for sunshine and blue skies? Did you know that the official “Russell Country” travel website has a blog? Do you want to be an English teacher at Central Catholic High School?

That’s it for now. Have a great Friday, everyone!



  1. There is a neat old phone booth in the Great Falls Civic Center. It is in the Hallway near the Men’s bathroom on the first floor. It is built into the wall and is small. When you close the door an overhead light turns on. Although they have since removed the payphone, it still serves as a great place to make a quick call using new technology, a mobile phone!

  2. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    Is Central Catholic High still open/operating? I clicked over to their website; none of the kids in that picture have uniforms on – isn’t that a staple of the Catholic School experience?

    And no one has updated their lunch menu since February – are they militant with their Lenten fast? Shouldn’t it be over by now? (And they misspelled “dessert” and “veggie”; I know how you love typos…)

  3. I had a hand in pouring and finishing the concrete over there. I’ll say that it was an interesting experience, in that during school hours, all of the exits had to remain unlocked/open, regardless of whether or not there was 20 yards of freshly poured concrete right up to the door or not.

    I think I put some pics of it up on Ted’s website.

  4. Walter Greenspan on

    Could it be that Clark Kent is the loyal reader who e-mailed and asked if you know of any old-style phone booths here in town?

  5. Abigail, CCHS is indeed still open…but sadly, like too many organizations, maintaining the website seems to rank very low on the list of things to do.

    Mark — way cool! Thanks for the intel.

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