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Did you know that there is a model R/C club here in Great Falls? These are the folks who fly the little “model” airplanes via radio (or remote) control – pretty cool. Lots of pictures here.

The Great Falls Chiropractic Clinic has a website. You can learn more about Drs Stoebe and Matury here.

And speaking of chiro, the new Crane Chiropractic (off exit 0 near the Marketplace) is offering a complete initial consult and exam for only $20 and a donation of a bag of food for the GF Food Bank. More information: 590-5900. If you’re interested, call soon – this offer ends on May 30.

The “Environmental Rangers” have a site (of sorts). Just a couple of names and phone numbers, and this: Talk to a real Ranger about the Rangers. Hmmm.


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