American Idol: Almost Live

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For some reason I assumed that the season finale of “American Idol” was broadcast live nationwide, including here in the mysterious Mountain Time Zone. Given the enormous popularity of the show, and the intense media coverage of the season finale, it never occurred to me that we would be on tape-delay.

But driving home this evening I was listening to the 8:00 pm news on KQDI 1450, and they reported live from the stage of the show, where the winner had just been announced. I came in the house and found my daughter and her friend watching the show; I asked them what they thought of the winner, and they stared at me blankly. “It’s only half-way over, Dad…they haven’t told us yet!” Hm. So off I went to Wikipedia, and sure enough…we have a winner, just not in the Mountain Time Zone yet (as of 8:25 pm!).

So if you want to know who won “American Idol” and don’t want to wait another 25 minutes or so, check this out…

david cook wins american idol


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