Shout-Out from Conan O’Brien

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conan A loyal reader named Tyson (who hails from Great Falls) alerted me that Conan O’Brien referenced our fair community on his TV show last night. Unfortunately, he was off by about 320 miles. Conan joked about the lone high-school graduate in Opheim, Montana (at about the 5:30 mark in the video). The Opheim story has received lots of press — even my mother in Arkansas e-mailed me about it. But since the Associated Press dateline reads “Great Falls,” I guess Conan’s writers just skipped over the Opheim part and assumed that Jeff Greenwood and his tiny school are here in Great Falls.

And remember that the CBS drama “Criminal Minds” set an episode in Great Falls a few months ago, and apparently we didn’t come off looking too polished. So in Conan’s eyes, we’re a tiny little speck on the map with one high-school graduate. And to CBS, we’re not too far removed from becoming Justus Township.

I know that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and as long as they spell your name right, etc…but come on, Hollywood, give Great Falls a break!



  1. True, nikolas — I should have been more specific, instead of using “Hollywood” in the generic sense of “all TV & movie production.”

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