The Searchers

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I know that most of you that visit are local folks looking to complement your daily intake of Great Falls news, but I also get a decent amount of traffic from people who are simply searching for something. Here’s a sampling of recent search queries that led people to

great falls, montana +recent u.f.o. sightings: reference to the Great Falls Voyagers marketing campaign

logos with pinup girls: from the entry about the controversy over the Health Food Cafe logo

al roker at missile site: this one is pretty obvious

seagull tattoo: from my entry about the possibility of getting a tattoo, with the “seagull” suggested by my buddy Todd

i mentioned the bisque: from the entry about the world-famous lobster bisque at the Park-n-Ponder

nasty gf: no jokes, please; this leads to the entry about the uncivil side of our online community

And you’d be surprised how many visits I get from people searching for information about “westgate mall.”



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