Retro: Iniwa!

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The Iniwa is the awardwinning newspaper of Great Falls High School, and it has been around for a long time. I stumbled across an edition from May 1957, and apropros of the comments about Bailar’s Ice Cream, here is an ad for same:

Bailars Ice Cream

Another ad from the ’57 Iniwa; any of you remember the J & A Rollercade?
J and A Rollercade

And there’s a brief editorial of sorts, too, that I will post later; it is a warning to students about the rise in a certain activity on campus that could get students in trouble, if they are caught doing it. Anyone want to take a guess about what this activity was?

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  1. Smoking was allowed into the 80’s on the campus of GFHS.

    David- Could you please put up the entire issue of the Iniwa? It sounds like an interesting read.

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