Political Support

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– If you’re a political junkie, you can see which of your neighbors have donated to which candidates. For example: according to the HuffPo, Cheryl Crawley, our new GFPS superintendent, donated $350 to Barack Obama. On the other side, Amy Astin, who used to work for Rep Denny Rehberg, donated $500 to Mitt Romney’s campaign, according to NewsMeat.

– The keyword in 2008 seems to be “superdelegates.” So how many does Montana have, exactly, and who are they? Check it out.

– Didja notice that Larry Steele, who ran for GF Mayor a few months ago, appears on the primary ballot as a candidate for Governor?



  1. don’t remind us about larry….or at least me. It’s interesting to say the least having to be related to him…but I don’t claim it. I only married into the family…

  2. LOL Kirsten.

    The thing I find most interesting about the Democratic party is how undemocratic they are in selecting a Candidate.

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