New Tribune Site

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I’ve been test-driving the beta version of the new GF Tribune website, along with a few other folks such as Capt Black Eagle and Janna. The beta version has been slow, but that should be fixed when the Trib flips the switch to go “live” (which should happen later today). I must admit to being rather impressed. It looks a lot more like a website – not just a newpaper slapped online. And of course the big news is the interactivity: Forums and Blogs. Yep – blogs for everyone, complete with post titles, comments, blogrolls, and all. Kudos to the Trib – good to have them join us in the 21st century 🙂 Here’s a couple of screenshots of the new site.

New Trib Site

New Trib Site



  1. I never visit the GF Tribune site at all really, but it is an improvement over the old one (for looks alone). Load speed is almost, but not quite as slow as the KRTV site.

    Media companies, for all of the scripting, JAVA, flash and cookies they’ve got to dump into your computer, will, unfortunately, never be, very fast.

    I stopped looking at the KRTV site because it loads incredibly slow.
    If I wanted a 56k load speed, I’d go back to dial up, all the while, neverminding the slow media sites.

  2. Sadly Red Neck Hippie found his way in. But with the ability to put pictures in your posts on the forum…he will be driven more insane than he is now.

  3. I check the Tribune on-line every day so that I can keep in touch with what’s going on in Great Falls. The new format was a bit of a surprise and I’m still learning its ways. I’m glad it’s available.

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