Malmstrom Wins!

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Good news from Malmstrom Air Force Base! I’m sure most of you know about military competitions: intra-service contests to determine the best of the best. In the Air Force world of Space Operations and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), the competition is known as Guardian Challenge.

Guardian Challenge, the only space and missile competition in the Air Force, celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. It began in 1967 as the Strategic Air Command missile combat competition, Curtain Raiser. Thirty-four years, three name changes and many event additions later, the competition’s focus remains the same – to evaluate AFSPC’s readiness and demonstrate the command’s warfighting skills. The weeklong competition seeks to improve readiness and combat capabilities through preparation, innovation and sharing; enhance esprit de corps; and strengthen teamwork across all mission areas in the command.

And last week, the results of this year’s Guardian Challenge were announced, and the overall winner this year is none other than our very own 341st Space Wing, aka Malmstrom AFB, which earned the base the coveted “Blanchard Trophy!” There were also other awards handed out for areas such as Pneudralics and Helicopter Operations; here’s the other Malmstrom winners:

Overall team winners:
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Maintenance – 341st SW

Best individual team winners are:
Missile Maintenance
–Missile Radio – 341st SW
–Mechanical and Pneudraulics – 341st SW
–Missile Maintenance – 341st SW
Space Operations Crews
–Missile Operations – 341st SW
–Overall Helicopter Operations – 341st SW

This is good. Kudos to the whole Malmstrom team: missileers, maintainers, cops, cooks, facility managers, helicopter ops, and the entire support infrastructure!

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