“Room To Live”

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“Buckle up!” How many times have you said that to a passenger in your car? For me, seat belts are automatic – I barely even think about it; buckling-up is a matter of routine. To be honest, I don’t quite understand people who DON’T automatically fasten their seat belt as soon as they get in a car. If you’re not a regular buckle-upper, or are trying to convince a family member or friend to use their seat belt, then you should check out these two videos titled “Room To Live.” They are PSAs for the MT Dept of Transportation, created by GF’s own Banik team. The phrase “room to live” refers to the “cage” of your vehicle, which protects you IF you are buckled up. Share the link or the video – spread the news.


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  1. An extremely good piece.

    We buckle up always.

    I remember back in the day, when Montana roads weren’t so great, like highway 2 between Troy and Libby, or Drummond and Philipsburg, for instance, just to name a few, and we lost friends/family nearly every year it seemed, because no one ever buckled up.

    It’s always good to see Paul. During our years in Missoula, we all refered to him as “Tall Paul Grimstad” … He came to us from White Sulphur Springs, and he is one of the nicest, most caring individuals you will ever meet.

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