Happy Birthday to Me!

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Well, not ME, exactly, but rather to GreaterFalls.com! Actually, the official day was on Wednesday; the very first blog entry here was on May 7, 2005, which makes GreaterFalls three years old. In dog years, that’s about 21 years old, and in blog years, that’s probably…what, 40 or 50 years old? Here’s a screenshot of the early days, courtesy of the Wayback Machine (click to see full size) (update: image link now fixed!):

the early days of greaterfalls.com!

Thanks for helping me get to the three-year mark! Seriously – having awesome folks like you around makes this fun. I would have baked a birthday cake to share with all of you, but it’s so hard to squeeze baked goods through the internets, ya know.

UPDATE: awwww…thanks, everyone, for the nice comments! And especially to Dave (the *other* one!) for the b-day dedication!



  1. Got to love to Wayback Machine! Happy Birthday GreaterFalls.com. Thanks for providing Great Falls with entertainment, updates, interesting information and more! 🙂

  2. Heh heh ..

    ” …but it’s so hard to squeeze baked goods through the internets, ya know… ”

    Give us a little time man … we’ll be sqeezing more than that thru the net .. you watch.

    Happy B-Day

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