Cool Beans

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The reference to Cool Beans Coffee Pub in the entry about local favorites reminded me that if you want to enjoy some good brew there, you better do it real quick: Cool Beans is closing up shop and selling everything. Very sad. Although I’m mostly a Morning Light guy, I did enjoy Cool Beans (and their website) the few times I ventured in, and I know that having a “regular” place means so much to coffee lovers. A message from the owners:

Cool Beans Coffee Pub will close Friday, May 23, 2008. We are offering the shop as a turnkey business for $25,000. The sale includes all furnishings, equipment, recipes and inventory. The sale does not include the space. Buyers can contact the building owner to discuss leasing the space.
Contact Les at the shop for more information.
On Saturday, May 24, 2008 we will begin selling everything. The sale will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the shop’s location at 512 Central Ave, and will end when we are tired and ready to go home.
If there is something from the shop that you would like to purchase you can make an offer. If your offer is accepted you will be able to pick up your item after we close.

I’m sure that news of Cool Beans closing will be particularly sad for one true believer; on her visit to Great Falls in 2006, Cool Beans was her salvation, and her tale of discovery is a testament not just to the good folks at Cool Beans, but also to Great Falls.


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  1. Ouch…that sucks. Their panini sandwiches are fantastic. I love the place. I can’t imagine sitting in the Starbucks on 10th and trying to relax and have a conversation–the place is too small. And Morning Light is ok, but you can’t beat the comfy couches and laid back environs of Cool Beans.

    Downtown GF takes another hit…

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