Malmstrom Update

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A few tidbits about Malmstrom Air Force Base: first, the 2nd Avenue North gate (formerly the “main” gate) will be closed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (May 8-10) due to construction. The normally closed gate behind First Liberty Federal Credit Union will be open to inbound traffic from 6:30-8:00 am, and to outbound traffic from 4:00-5:00 pm on Thursday and Friday. As far as I know, the 10th Avenue North gate will be open for business as usual during this time.

Second, if you’ve been to the Malmstrom Clinic lately, you know that there’s some serious renovation going on: the entire front lobby and roundabout have been torn down and sealed off, and will likely be closed until September. The pharmacy has temporarily relocated to the West entrance until the front lobby is complete.

Third, it’s been a helluva few weeks at Malmstrom: first we had Al Roker and NBC on hand to broadcast from a missile silo; then we had the tragic shooting involving two Airmen; and then the flaming Humvee. Add all of that to the joyous return of the deployed Airmen, the Open House & Air Show coming up next weekend, plus the normal routine of maintaining hundreds of nuclear ICBMs, and you’ve got a bunch of busy, engaged troops. Hats off to all the Airmen and those who support them!


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