Malmstrom on “Today Show”

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If you’re up early enough you can catch some of Malmstrom’s finest as they are featured on a segment of “The Today Show” titled “Access Granted,” which takes viewers to locations that are not normally seen by regular folks. From the AF Times:

malmstrom minuteman missileAl Roker will broadcast one segment 10 feet above a nuclear warhead while standing on the exit doors of the missile silo, said Maj. Laurie Arellano, an Air Force Space Command spokeswoman.
“He’ll be standing on the deadliest location in the world,” she said.
The segments will air from Malmstrom at 7:45 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. local time. The first segment will be broadcast from the missile silo, the second from the missile control center.

It will air locally on cable channel 6. And if you’ve never seen a missile launch, check out this video clip. Awesome.

UPDATE, Tuesday afternoon: here’s what the Air Force had to say about this Today Show visit, and a picture of Al Roker on the scene.

Al Roker Gets Frisked at a Malmstrom Missile Site



  1. Local friend Sgt. Tim Ryan was featured in the segment. It was fun to see him on national TV!

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