Dad Chimes In

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Time once again for “Dad Chimes In,” a semi-regular feature in which my father, a retired Air Force physician in Texas, provides his commentary on a recent GreaterFalls entry. Today’s subject is coming up with a name for the adorable little bunny from Friday. Here’s what Dad had to say:

I know a good name: How about “BUNNY”?
Yes, that might be a HARE-brained answer.
And since I am a physician, I can steal a line from”Bugs” and say WHAT’S UP Doc;

And finally (why are all of you readers cheering?), I had a pet rabbit when I was in my first year of Medical School, in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her name was Brenda Susan. She was a quiet pet and we had her in a cage in our basement apartment. When I returned home from school each day I would take her out on a leash for a walk on Nostrand Avenue. Invariably, a local dog (also on a leash) would chase us-and I had to run for home, with Brenda Susan in tow, so that she wouldn’t get mauled. My wife and I then realized that a Brooklyn basement apartment, with no back yard or grassy area , was not the right place for Brenda Susan. So, we drove her up to my in-laws, in Spring Valley, New York. They had a large backyard (fenced) and were happy to take her. Alas, five weeks later My mother-in-law called us and told us how Brenda had dug her way out under the fence–and was hit by a car as she tried to cross a street. We were sad-but as my wife later said, “HARE today, gone tomorrow”.

Howard: David’s dad.
P.S. The above story is true–except for the final remark by my wife.

Well, gosh. I had no idea that my father had a bunny rabbit before I was born. So now I’m relegated to 2nd-born child, instead of 1st-born? And where on earth did they come up with the name “Brenda Susan?”



  1. I think people do that so they have practice for when the kids come along. My family had a cat we names Sean Patrick (He was born on St. Patrick’s Day.)

  2. LOL..I have 4 kids (boys) So I named my female cat
    Sophia Marie … our dog was dusty rose 😛

    I think it’s because I know darn well I’m never having a girl 😀

  3. My dad had a pet alligator…He bought it in Florida when it was about 3 inches long. When it reached a footlong…they had to take steps to limit any further growth.

  4. So now I’m relegated to 2nd-born child, instead of 1st-born? Just to clarify for the general public, despite claims to the contrary, *I* am, and always have been the first-born.

  5. Folks, MarkFL is correct, and I should clarify: he is indeed the first-born son of my father and his first wife. I am the first-bon son of my father and his SECOND wife. I took a bit of creative license in the entry, in an effort to be funny by placing the rabbit ahead of my semi-almost “first born” status.

    Sorry, Mark – no offense intended!

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