Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

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Wow! Quite a party the L&C folks threw today! As promised, the baby bison (two of ’em!) made an appearance – pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to see the other critters, but it was great to see the displays and attractions: demonstrations of guns, tipis and pelts, games for kids, live music, food. I’m no expert, but it sure looked like a good turnout, too – lots and lots of people, and it sure seemed like everybody was having a good time. And for the first time, I explored the lower part of the Center, and was quite impressed – can’t wait to go back for a more thorough visit.
Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
Here’s a few pix from today – as always, just click to see ’em all and in full-size. If you visited the Center today, what was your favorite part?


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