Questions Need Answers

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Several questions via the Contact form this week, and I’m turning to you smart readers for some answers.
First question deals with finding information about a long-lost friend:

Hi, I am looking for information on the death of Charlie (Charles) John Whitaker. I grew up with him, and it has been a couple years, but all contact info I had for people is disconnected or wrong #. I would appreciate any info you have. All I know is what was in the obits at Great Falls Tribune. Have you heard how he died?

This one is from a reader who is on the receiving end of ethnic prejudice from the family of his girlfriend of 3 years.

Could you say something about the ignorance of judging people about their skin color or race? See what kind of response you get, and see if anyone can help me with dealing with the effects that I am feeling and getting from it.

This one is great; I just wish that I had seen it!

I like to read the different posts you have about Great Falls. I was wondering if you saw or knew anything about the big yellow chicken that was wandering on 10th Ave. S. yesterday.

So there you have it: does anyone have information or advice about Charles Whitaker, prejudice, or the chicken on the road?



  1. 1. The obits normally list relatives…the…or google can help alot.

    2. There are lots of types of ethnic prejudice…from ignoring you…to being down right crude. The latter is easy at least you know what is going on. If they are doing the old “he don’t exist” method. Keep in mind you are dating her not her family. I wouldnt hang out with them too much. (for further help…see Craig’s response).

    3. What chicken?

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