Alexis Turner

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alexis turnerThis is absolutely heartbreaking. My daughter knew Alexis; she and many of her friends are caught between shock, numbness, and sadness. By all accounts, she was an amazing young lady. But in addition to being sad, they are trying to remember all of the happiness and special things about Lexi; many of them are tie-dying tee-shirts tonight or making hemp bracelets tomorrow – two things that Lexi loved. From the Tribune:

She loved school, excelling scholastically, and was an outstanding athlete, playing softball and volleyball. She was a gifted artist, sharing her paintings with family and friends. She enjoyed listening to music and tie-dyeing clothes. Lexi was a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend. Lexi touched many people in her short life, including many cousins whom she loved to baby-sit. Her presence will be greatly missed by all who knew her, including classmates and teammates.

The memorial service will be held tomorrow (Friday) at 2:00 pm at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation.
My condolences to Alexis’ family and friends.



  1. I read the obituary and was struck by the huge potential this young woman had. This is so tragic. My thoughts and parayers are with friends and family.

  2. I grew up with Lexi
    She was an amazing individual
    And it is very hard going on without her
    I love you,
    And miss you babygirl

  3. Alexis Turner was by far the most amazing and brightest girl I have ever met. Learning of her death and going to her funeral were the hardest parts of my life. She use to come over to my house a lot and it’s horrible knowing that she will never come back. I miss her more than I’ve missed anything in the world and she is my hero.
    I love you and miss you.

  4. you know it’s been almost a year since alexis died and i still cry and i think about her every day. your little blog here does not hold a candle to how amazing that girl was. and if you didn’t personaly know her you shouldn’t have written this. she was beautiful and smart and honestly the best friend i could ever have. there was not a time that she wasn’t there for me. if you didn’t know her you all really missed out on a wonderful person.

  5. Its been a year now since Lexie left us, and yet i still miss her and think about her often, she impacted the lives of everyone who came in her path, she had a smile that would light up the room and a laugh that can not be forgotten. Its been a year and i still cant drive around town and not see something that reminds me of her. Alexis is the type of person who would literally give you the shirt off her back, to just about anyone not just her close frinds, she was that kind! She was fairly outspoken but you couldnt help but love her. She did what she wanted and she was trully free. Alexis Turner: A girl who will always be missed.

  6. Lexi was my cousin…and I miss her dearly…I still think about her everyday…last time I saw her I never knew it would be the last time, it’s been just over 2 years now since she left us and I miss her more everyday, it never gets easier, but I love her forever, and will always remember her. I wear tie dye every year on the 28 of April as a way of remembering her. We love you forever Lex!

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