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On Friday I stopped by the Q-106 studio on Central Avenue, and when I walked in, there was a slightly rumpled man at the counter writing on paper. The receptionist was staring at him in a sort of “uh…yeah…” way. I introduced myself to her, said that I was there to pick up some tickets that I had won, and she excused herself to get the tickets. The rumpled man – perhaps 40, maybe 60, wearing dirty clothes and baseball cap and smelling like sour milk – continued scribbling on the paper. A minute passed. Two minutes. He glanced at me, put the pen down, and began talking.

He rambled about how we should all be on the lookout for a man – Jim Fiedler? – who had escaped from the Lewis & Clark County jail last month, and was wanted for murder, theft, and assault. He gave details about this man, explaining what type of vehicle he drove, that he was a pastor in Helena, and so on. And all of this information came to him in a “vision.” From “the Lord.” Of course.

The receptionist returned, gave me the tickets, and had me sign for them, all while the rumpled man continued talking. She and I exchanged the “oh boy…this guy ain’t right” glance, wondering if he was more dangerous than the man that he was warning us about. He then told us – he assumed that I worked there, I suppose – that if this escaped prisoner showed up at the radio station, we were to immediately lock the doors and call the police. He made sure that she took possession of the piece of paper. We assured him that we would be careful, keep our eyes open, etc, and he slowly inched towards the door. He then offered his hand and thanked me for my help, and then left the building.

The receptionist breathed a sigh of relief. I asked how long the man had been there; she replied about half-an-hour. I asked her if I could take the sheet of paper, and she seemed only too happy to be rid of it. And now, for your enlightenment, I present The Paper:

Crazy Rant?

Wow. I did some random Googling to see if there was any basis for what the man had ranted about, but turned up nothing other than an actual Pastor Jim Fiedler in Helena. Nothing about any crimes or malfeasance. Do any of you have any idea what this was all about?



  1. Your description of the man and the “just ain’t right feeling” you had, coupled with his comments and the paper makes me think he could be RNH trying out a new forum.

  2. Hey David;

    Was this “slightly rumpled man” carrying a small toaster sized stereo covered in children’s stickers?
    The reason I ask is because the same person has been coming from time to time over the past couple of weeks and asking us to look out for merchandise that a pastor had stolen from him. He goes on and on about how dangerous this individual is, and if we see him to call the police. I hope we are talking about the same person because having two people like that in a town this size would be a little unsettling.

    – Chazcon
    (owner of Alias Smith & Jones Pawn)

  3. Charles, I don’t recall seeing him carrying anything, but he might have had left in his car or had it in his coat pocket. Sounds like the same guy, though.

  4. Unsettling?

    Well I guess it would be to some.

    There are confused people all over the place. Some, much more so, than others.

    In this case, I guess it might have been pretty obvious. But even that doesn’t excuse us of our moral obligation to look out for the poor souls among us who would be as confused as this.

    Great Falls is a Great Town, and we might be surprised to learn that there are very few here that would find a person such as this “unsettling”.

  5. I don’t think anyone doubts that the man is deserving of compassion, Dave. I think “unsettling” in this context means “uncomfortable” — and when trying to talk with this fellow, it certainly was rather awkward. The common frame of reference that most people have when engaged in conversation just isn’t quite there. Not a judgment – just an observation.

  6. I think once more unsettling is that the business people who have not at least called gfpd for a “well” check on this man. He may be senile, Schizophrenic, or possibly even having a type of seizure. I also find it unsettling that no one has questioned why he has a fixation with a certain person, perhaps someone (like law) should perhaps talk to the pastor, He may be a link that this man doesn’t even realize is a link… 😀

  7. A “well” check for lack of a better word would be someone, be it a case worker or an officer, coming out to make sure that this person is not harmful to himself or society.

  8. I’m not sure that’s legal. I don’t think that what Dave described is probable cause. Then again, this isn’t my area of practice either.

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