Update on RNH

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An update on Redneck Hippie, whose real name, I believe, is Larry Kralj. My recent entry about his mean-spirited rants on the Tribune forums resulted in a comment here at GreaterFalls from someone who claimed to remember Larry when he was a teacher in Chester, and related a tale about Larry’s behavior during that time. I don’t know if the incident really happened, and if so, if it happened the way the commenter remembers it. My opinion is that there might well be some truth to it, but that’s based only on what I know about present-day Larry and his temperament.

The reply from Larry: threats of a lawsuit for libel. To be safe, I removed the comment (and a few associated replies from regular readers). I’m not entirely clear about the laws governing comments on blogs and how they intersect with charges of libel, but it’s not worth taking any chances – for me OR for my commenters.

The bottom line: Redneck Hippie sure does love insulting, impugning, and smearing people, but apparently doesn’t like it when someone fires back at him with what I believe to be a true account about his past.

Oh, and one more thing: Larry, when you threaten someone with charges of libel, you shouldn’t try to back it up with the threat of a visit from the sheriff and county attorney. It’s a civil matter, not criminal. They couldn’t care less about your charges.



  1. Are you sure, Zen? It would be such a great case. Or maybe RNH will guilt one into taking it for free because it’s the ‘right thing to do for truth, justice and the American way.’

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