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Great Falls blogger Ataricat has an entry in a contest to create an ad for Barack Obama; while I do not support Obama, I will say that Ataricat’s ad is pretty cool. Go take a look and cast your vote!

How many of you believe that Great Falls is haunted? According to Strange USA, there are at least three spots in (or near) town that rate.

This isn’t about Great Falls, but it IS about a Canada Goose. It’s a sweet tale of a semi-adopted goose, told from the goose’s perspective.

Looking for some reviews of Dick’s RV Park? Look no further.

Did you know that George Montgomery, star of Western TV and movies and well-known for his artistry, is buried here in Great Falls?

ALSO: a comment from Bovell earlier that you might have missed: “I misplaced a little black bag with a gold chain and a gold bracelet with the name BOVELL on it at Siebel soccer park on Friday April 18th. please contact me by email ([email protected]) if you have any information. Thank You.”



  1. Dicks? Well of course. I’ve been to and stayed at both at least once since ’91, and Dicks got it hand over fist over the KOA. At least Dicks had grass and you could put the awning out.

    KOA was way, way dusty, (windier too) although a little quieter than Dicks.

    If I had to do it again, I’d pick Dicks.
    I’ll park the 5th wheel at Dicks when the relatives come to visit, because they’re in a decent part of town and they’re close to everything (Marketplace).

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