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Instead of the regular mid-week Retro entry, how about a look at some of the early Archives here at GreaterFalls? These entries are from May and June of 2005, when the site was only a few weeks old:

How many of you have heard of Boulder Ridge? It’s a fancy resort just a few miles south of town, but anecdotal research tells me that most folks in Great Falls don’t even know it exists.

Remember the Bison Parade? Modeled after the successful Cow Parade, this one placed decorated bison sculptures around Great Falls. Still some around town. Very whimsical!

How does Great Falls compare to the other large communities in Great Falls Montana (thx Displaced!)? Some people think that we are often thought of as the “ugly stepsister” of Montana.

My very first – but definitely not the last – entry about the legendary Sip-n-Dip! A true classic.

Hope you enjoyed the trip in the Wayback Machine!



  1. How does Great Falls compare to other large communities in Great Falls?

    Hmm, how’s that proofreading application coming David? 🙂

  2. This comment isn’t a slam on Great Falls but does your fair city have the type of visitors that can afford a $500 – $950 vacation home rentals? I can understand Boulder Ridge Lodge renting these extremely nice homes on a weekly basis but daily rates of $500+ seems a little out of Great Falls’s class and 99% of American cities too.

    I wish Boulder Ridge Lodge all the success in the world and hope the owners are doing a brisk business. For me??? I’ll slum it at a less expensive place so I can afford to eat also.

    Great website you have there Greater Falls! Keep up the interesting posts.

  3. Big Red: I know the owner of Boulder Ridge. I think he is doing well so far. He caters to out of towners. It’s a sort of quiet, off the radar place for business meetings, etc., as I understand it.

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