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Janna and some friends have put together a fund-raiser called “Light Up The Dark” to benefit the two teen girls who were beaten and sexually assaulted several weeks ago. The benefit will be held on Saturday, April 26, at the Black Eagle Community Center. And not only will the money help the families, but the community support will show the girls that most people are good, and hopefully give them some peace of mind.

Light Up The Dark benefit

And while I often doubt the effectiveness of “awareness” campaigns, April is in fact “Sexual Assault Awareness Month,” and participating in this event might be a good way to do something positive both towards raising awareness and helping victims of this despicable crime.

If you can’t attend, I’m sure any donations (goods or services) would be greatly appreciated. For more details, or to help, please call 216-2801.



  1. It’s common to question the “effectiveness” of awareness campaigns because awareness is a slow process. Understanding doesn’t happen overnight. Also, awareness does not equate a solution. The goal is to recognize the victims, to set aside time in which to think about the issue at hand, and, essentially, to “light up the darkness” that allows these crimes to take place – that is, our perceived distance from the crimes.

    I think actually that awareness campaigns can be TOO effective, numbing people to the issue, reducing it to a catch phrase or lip-service statements/charity/boycotts.

  2. Dave~ Thank you so much for posting this, We do appreciate it very much! 😀

    Jason, I think you may be correct in your assessment
    that we tend to get everyone “numbed” to the fact by doing it so frequently, What should really take people over that numbing point is the question they should ask themselves. Why are these benefits done so frequently? Because Sexual Assaults, happen THAT
    frequently. 1 in 6 people are sexually assaulted, raped or in a situation involving an unwanted sexual act. 1 in 6. Put a face to those 6. You mother, your sisters, your best friends, your girlfriend your daughter and it happens to men as well so pick whoever. Of those 6 that you chose, It is a very very good chance that someone was sexually assaulted. I know for me, that makes me not numb, but angry.

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