KFBB Cries “Foul!”

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It was great to see the “Release The Geese” event get attention from our local mainstream media folks, but unfortunately it looks like the good folks at KFBB think that the geese and ducks and swans are quite foul. Maybe they were referring to the smell of the water fowl…?

KFBB Cries Foul

UPDATE, Sunday evening: KFBB has updated the story with the correct spelling 🙂

RELATED: heh…and now the Tribune makes a similar goof, using VICE instead of VISE:

Vice Squad?

Attention KRTV, KFBB, Tribune: you know, I am available for hire as a proof-reader slash copy-editor.



  1. It’s enuff two make me hang my head n shame. Pretty much daily I sea a type-o of sum sort at the Tribune. I don’t watch any t.v., sew I can’t speak four them. N e thots?

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