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…you fill in the blank. I know that I once promised to forever ignore Redneck Hippie, aka Larry Kralj, but his lunacy is so venomous and so mean-spirited, that it deserves some sort of response, if only to provide a counter to his rants. Oh, and besides suffering from BDS, he’s also flat-out wrong on some of his recent claims. Here’s some of his latest rants from the Tribune Forums, directed at both (1) the media’s coverage of the return of Air Force troops from their deployment to a war-zone, and (2) the Airmen themselves:

Redneck Hippie
Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:19 am Post subject: DOH!
Enough with the welcome home crap. As the dick, cheney would say, “SO”? It AIN’T like they’re comin’ back from WWII! They got their overseas pay, their combat pay, and a very pleasant stay! For THIS they get a front page picture? Sheesh. This country has gone goofy! We’ve gone soft in the head!

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:04 am Post subject:
WHAT did they DO for us? Hell, I know TRUCKERS who are away from home longer than that! How many guys did they lose again? Sheesh. Murcans have become soft in the head.

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:22 am Post subject: DOH!
Here, I’ll make it REAL simple for the whiners. The homecoming should be commensurate with the amount of sacrifice! HOW MANY TROOPS DID THE LOSE? HOW MUCH DID THE “SUFFER”? WHAT DID THEY ACCOMPLISH?
They GOT their overseas pay. They GOT their combat pay. They probably GOT some other pay I have forgotten. And they did this for a job! Where’s the big sacrifice? Again, I know TRUCKERS that are away from home more than THESE guys were!
They were NOT protecting me. For you see, NO Iraqi has EVER done anything to me! An IDIOT, bush, started a war for nothing! If you morons want to be mad at someone, be mad at bush! HE’S the one who’s bankrupted our country and killed so many innocent people for NOTHING!
I will say that these folks returning probably did a good job at what they were supposed to do. That’s pretty much what we ALL do.

Oh, where to start…I’ll have more on this soon. Anyone wanna have fun picking apart his diatribes in the meantime?

UPDATE, 10:20 pm: AJ is right, in the comments, when he advises me not to feed the troll. Larry does far more damage to his credibility and reputation with his own words than I could ever do.

Deep breath. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blogging.

UPDATE, Thursday afternoon: I have edited one of the comments below; the original comment, from Mike, contained information that I deemed inappropriate for this site. No offense intended to Mike – his comment was sincere, but references to Larry’s family on this site is off-limits.



  1. I had a feeling his suspension was over when his daily diatribes stopped at GeeGuy’s. Since I don’t read the Forums, I certainly don’t miss him.

  2. *grin* – he just wants attention. The more you give him, the more he’ll spout off. People would do better to just ignore him. If he doesn’t get his needed responses, he’ll go elsewhere. My mother always taught me to “ignore inappropriate behavior”.

  3. You guys are a bunch of buffoons. The guy is teling the truth. Why don’t y’all just goose step off into the ocean somewhere ?

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