Bison Bison Bison

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I heard a rumor that there will a Bison (not a buffalo) at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center sometime soon, but couldn’t find a reference on the website, so I e-mailed the director and got this cheerful reply:

We will have a live bison yearling and baby as well as other animals and MANY activities at the Interpretive Center on May 4th. We will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Center and will have birthday cake, hot dogs, etc., children’s games, Honor Guard Encampment, and much more. The celebration begins at 12noon and will run until 5pm. We’re excited to be celebrating this milestone and hope you can join us!

Way cool! Anyone else plan to attend?


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  1. I’m planning on it. I confess to have gotten Lewis and Clarked out during the big overdone bicentennial, but I’ve always liked the subject in general and the Interpretive Center in particular.

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