Retro: Jack Club

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I’m sure some of you have visited the Jack Club over on the NW side of town, but how many of you remember when it was more than an antique and collectible store?

Jack Club in Great Falls, Montana

I’ve heard first-hand accounts of how cool this place was back when it was a supper club. Any fond memories for you?

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  1. I only went there once, so my opinion must be taken with a dash of oregano, but I thought the reputation was greater than the actual experience. Not bad, but not up to the hype.

  2. I was a teenager when I first visited the Jack Club on a date with my *first* boyfriend. It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the staff.

  3. I remember the Jack club! I had dated a guy for a little over a year and one night he popped the question to me there over a spaghetti and lobster dinner. Sadly I turned him down on the offer, But hey, the food was amazing!

  4. Ate at the Jacks Club with my grandparents quite a bit over the years. Good raviolis, and remembered they had an early map of Great Falls on the wall.

  5. My mouth just waters when I think of Jack Club spagetti. My husband and I went there often and always had the same thing, spagetti and a salad with beets on it. I was so glad to get the recipe from the paper for the spagetti sauce. Thanks!

  6. My mom and dad used to go to the Jack Club and bring 1/2 and 1/2 home. I still remember the taste. Would love to get the recipe for the ravioli. What happen to the family that owned the place? Anyone know?

  7. I remember the Jack Club and some history of the business and family….Here it is….Rudy Carnie owned a restraunt in Black Eagle across the river from Great Falls….Black Eagle was know for its landmark Smoke Stack back in the 40s and up to 60s when it had to be torn down….Well on with Rudy Carnie…He had a reciepe to the best spegety sauce ever, and when He sold his restraunt to retire he had to sign a non-compete clause to the new owners….Than he had a son-inlaw named Jack Foster….I worked with Jack at the Fuller Paint store on 10th Ave in Great Falls after I got out of the Air Force…..The family then decied to open a new restraunt in Great Falls….Rudy kept getting so much pressure to continue bringing his spagetti and ravoili to the Great Falls area so the family decided to open the JACK CLUB on Vaughn road….to have his Daughter and son-inlaw Jack Foster the owners to get around the do-not compete clause .That is how the Jack Club was born this all happened in the early 60s…..The orginal sign on the outside of the building was two Jack of Clubs….I and my family ate there many times 1/2 and 1/2 was my favorite….People drove many miles just to eat there it was that good….I now live in South Dakota but have never found a place that I liked as much….I miss the JACK CLUB

  8. A question for the native Great Falls folks. Where was the Jack’s Club located in Great Falls? The post says the NW side of town… but where? Thanks.

  9. Karyl Smith: Jack Club Spaghetti Sauce…..You say that you have the recipe would you please share it with me I knew Jack personally….but never had the recipe….Thanks

  10. In 1960 I was stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Got to know Wayne Newton fairly well and that summer he and his brother Jerry came to GF to play at the Park Hotel. Took them to Jack Club for dinner and they loved it.

    If anyone has the real recipe for Jacks sauce and Ravs I would love to have it. Will even pay a minimal amount for them. Fred, [email protected]

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