Job Search in Great Falls

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Looking for a job in Great Falls? Here’s a list of some tried-and-true online methods, along with some less well-known sites and services. Most people start with the Jobs section at the GF Tribune, which is powered by Career Builder. The state also runs a Jobs board, which you can tailor to your area by town or county. And Yahoo! also offers a job listing service under the title HotJobs.

Some of the less-traveled paths to finding a job include the Montana Craigslist pages; the JobspotTV site, powered by the folks behind the KRTV network; and don’t forget the site with the “long name, amazing results!” over at Montana Help Wanted; and if you’re interested in healthcare jobs, be sure to check out the MT Health Jobs site.

Of course, the other option is to go directly to the website of potential employers, such as the University of Great Falls; MSU-GF COT; Benefis, which is hosted by JobScience; Great Falls Clinic; Banik Communications; or any other employer that strikes your fancy.

So there’s a brief summary of options – do any of you have other suggestions to share?


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