Easy Does It

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Had a chat with a local radio jock (FM) on Sunday evening, and she mentioned that she is considering trying an hour-long weekly program aimed at obsessive/compulsive behavior. Not just “typical” OCD stuff – but anything dealing with obsessive thoughts, addictive behavior, and such. In addition to talk and call-in, there might be some “themed” tunes, too. And her proposed title for the show, as noted in the entry, is Easy Does It. I told her that it sounds like an interesting idea, and wondered what you folks think. Me, I’ve always thought that we need some good local talk-radio here in Great Falls; while this isn’t quite what I had in mind, it’s certainly a start. Thoughts?



  1. hey david, thanx for taking time to put this up, but I don’t know what kind, if any, response you have received. I am going to propose this idea april 15th, (great deadline day huh??) thanks!! Michelle on Q-106!!

  2. David, reviewing the responses to blogs and listening to Dave Berg’s show gives me the impression that there are a lot of people in Great Falls with great opinions.

    A forward-thinking radio station that incorporated local talk shows would capitalize on that. Probably part of that disconnected feeling residents in GF experience is that their talk radio is so syndicated. Imagine the spirited debates that could have occured, on-air, surrounding the Highwood plant, ExpoPark/SMG, elections, etc.

    I think back to my love for WLS-AM 890 in Chicago, and I think it’s because it had that local feel and appeal. If I recollect correctly, only 3 or 4 of their daily shows are syndicated during the week.

    Thanks again!

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