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As always, there’s plenty of good stuff going on in the Great Falls blogosphere…let’s take a look:

Local author Jamie Ford, who knows a thing or two about books, offers up opinions about Book Clubs. I think we should start an ad-hoc book club when his is published!

The Other Dave has some thoughts about our fair community, and touches on the subject of the proposed parking-meter fee hike. Me? Well, I know most of you will think me foolish, but I get a kick out of dropping a coin in the meter, so dropping two coins might be twice as fun!

Eric Heidle attended the Bill Clinton Event on Tuesday and offers a first-hand account, including some pictures. My question: why do protesters seem to be such poor spellers?

If you like tinkering in Photoshop and enjoy Warhol-like Pop Art, then Cyndi has some tips for you. Groovy.

This is cool: Tom, who normally dazzles us with his outdoor photos from locations around Montana, now offers up pictures of his recent trip to Italy.

And on a serious note, I’m sure many of you know about the horrible crime last week, when a sicko assaulted two teenage girls, leaving them battered physically and emotionally. Here’s the good part: Janna and a few other folks are doing something about it by putting together a community event and donating 1/2 of her portrait income. Funds raised will go towards helping the girls recover and to help the mother of one of the girls restore some of her household goods that were destroyed last week. Good on ya, Janna. Keep us posted as details develop.

And outside of Great Falls, but still very topical: Kate has put together a list of tips to help folks – namely Democrat presidential contenders – navigate Montana’s most fabled town, Butte.

And there you have it. There’s lots more – be sure to review the entire list of Great Falls bloggers periodically, and of course if you know of any other local bloggers, let me know so that I can add them to the roster!


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