Winter Storm Warning!

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Ha! Winter ain’t done with us, not by a long shot. It may not drop below zero, but it looks like we’re going to get another snowy blast!

The National Weather Service in Great Falls has issued a Winter Storm Warning… which is in effect from midnight tonight to 4 PM MDT Saturday. The Winter Storm Watch is no longer in effect.

Snow will develop over the warning area Friday night and continue through Saturday afternoon. In the mountains… total snow accumulations of 8 to 14 inches will be likely. For lower elevations… including the Great Falls and Helena areas… total snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches will be likely. Westerly wind gusts will combine with the snow on Saturday for near whiteout conditions.

Just like last Saturday!



  1. OI! That would figure LOL..We have a group of people hanging fliers and talking to store owners downtown on Saturday… *shakes fist at sky* You will not defeat us..LOL. Thank you for the warning looks as though we will be bundling up on our endeavor !!

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