Pulse Re-launch

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The good folks over at Pulse Great Falls have re-launched their website and seem to have been re-energized – go on over and see what they’ve got to offer. The group is ostensibly targeted at young professionals, but I’m sure that “the more, the merrier” is the prevailing attitude. After all, it’s the attitude that counts: positive, enthusiastic, and “up” on Great Falls!

And check this out: the GFDA is on the verge of unveiling their new and improved site! I’m cautiously optimistic.



  1. Thanks for the notice David. We’re pretty excited about the direction of Pulse Great Falls and we’re looking forward to some big things to come. Sorry if the following is perceived as shameless advertising, but there’s a couple of activities we are undertaking that I would like to highlight:

    1)Young Professional Survey – Through a firm called Next Generation Consulting, we are able to participate in a survey that will really give us some real quantifiable insight on how Great Falls is perceived by folks across the community and how we can better attract and engage younger residents. Certainly this survey is geared toward young professionals, but we are encouraging anyone of any age or background to participate. We’re hoping to get a real diverse sample of perspective and whether the data we receive is good or bad, we’ll be sharing the results. Please take a few minutes on the survey and recommend others to do the same. By filling it out, you’ll be entered to win a new iPod. Go to http://www.pulsegf.org to check it out.

    2)Friday @ Five – Every second and fourth Friday of the month, we are inviting folks from across Great Falls to gather at the Machinery Row for some good drinks and good conversation. With no agenda or formal program, this effort’s aim is to simply create a forum for interaction – to foster a greater sense of community and shared future amongst the area’s younger residents. All are welcome to our first Friday @ Five on April 11th. Bring a crew of your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or whomever and have a nice time meeting some fresh faces from across Great Falls.

    And finally, I would like to build on something David mentioned. Pulse Great Falls is obviously geared toward younger professionals, but really our mission is to increase activity from area residents of any age. Having a positive outlook on our city isn’t a virtue bound by a certain demographic or background, so we welcome anyone whose interested in improving and enjoying our quality of life to join us for one of our events. Thanks for allowing me to make a shameless plug.

  2. Tom

    Cool site.

    It took a little bit, but I managed to get you indexed into our SearchMontana.org search.

    I had to list the sub-domain folder because our search bot can’t read frames.

    Great job though … Keep it up.

  3. Thanks Dave. That added exposure will certainly help our cause. We really do appreciate your support.

    I appologize for the frame-based website. Like most grassroots groups, we’re a low budget (in fact no budget) organization, so we manage the site from my Apple. We’re hoping to have a more legit site here soon, though as in all things – funding dependent.

    Thanks again.

  4. Firstly, I happen to think that your site is very legitimate, and secondly, I am not at all above assigning server space for sites such as yours, pro bono (did I say/spell that right?).

    406-868-4713, call me.

    Great Falls is a very, very good thing, and sites such as yours need all of the good exposure they can get.

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