Lights Out!

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Driving to Starbucks a few minutes ago – about 9:30 pm – on 9th Street, getting ready to cross 10th Avenue South, and without warning every light on the north side of 10th Avenue went black. The traffic signals – out. Every business and home along the north side of 10th Avenue – out. The south side of 10th was fine, mostly – Starbucks had power, but the video store didn’t. Got my coffee, headed west on 10th Avenue towards Fox Farm, and the power outage lasted all the way to the bridge. Weird. Anyone know what’s going on?



  1. I can’t even remotely resist this one;

    Maybe the city wasn’t sure which electric bill it was they needed to pay … SME or Northwest Energy.

    Okay, okay .. I love Great Falls, and lend whatever support I can to our fair community, “always”, but after watching the last City Council meeting, I just absolutely could not resist commenting.

    All in the sincerest of fun, of course.

  2. Is there 2 Daves? Or Dave, are you talking to yourself…um and answering? Ok but really, I was home and my new place is pretty close to 9th. we didn’t lose power here. But When I lived up on 9th street south it was a fairly common occurrence, we finally just stopped questioning and bought a bunch of flash lights and candles. WE heard all sorts of reasons, transmitter was iced over, lines were weighed down, car hit a pole, something on the grid messed up…All very professional sounding of course *sarcasm* 😀

    Maybe the bridge sucked up to much power…..It’s always fun to find out the excuse of the day, there should be a blog about it. LOL

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