Clueless Cynthia

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Cynthia Schultz, the “CEO” of the Great Falls airport, apparently stated that: “I…generally don’t read blogs as I find them to be fact challenged and agenda driven.”

Well, there’s two things about her attitude: first, I question her assertion that blogs are “fact challenged.” If she – or you – can find anything on my blog that is “fact challenged,” please let me know. I aim to be accurate, and if I’ve posted something that is not true, I need to correct it.

Second, she claims that blogs are “agenda driven.” OK, hold on a minute while I prepare my response: DUH. She seems to think that the phrase “agenda driven” connotes some sort of malicious intent, when in fact the phrase is meaningless. She used that phrase only because she is being “called out” for possibly inappropriate behavior by…a local blogger, who she seems to think is driven by some sort of evil agenda.

News Flash for Cynthia Schultz: EVERYTHING is agenda driven to some degree. After all, isn’t the Airport “agenda driven” in the pursuit of promoting air travel and tourism?

Yes, my blog is driven by an “agenda”: to promote Great Falls – the events, people, quirks, and businesses that make it a great community. And yes, GeeGuy’s blog is driven by an agenda: to try to hold elected officials accountable by providing more in-depth reporting than other local media outlets.

So come on, Cynthia: don’t blame blogs for the little mess that you’ve found yourself in.


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