April Fool!

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Well, no one ever accused me of being convincing, or even necessarily entertaining. But I hope that my mild April Fool entry below gave you a chuckle, at least. And I hope – seriously – that I did not offend any of the unwitting “participants” in my feeble attempt at humor. GeeGuy, John Lawton, GF Girl, Mary Jolley, Firefly and Patty Rearden — I meant any comparisons purely in jest and no harm was intended.

But I’m kicking myself for not thinking first of what wolfpack suggested: it would have been rich if I had “outed” myself as the alter-ego of Larry Kralj, our friendly neighborhood Environmental Ranger!

Now, on to some other business: good news! The missing puppies have been found and reunited with their family. That makes me happy – missing pets are just heart-breaking. And Steve left a comment to let us know that Posh Taco in Holiday Village Mall is for sale – if you’ve got some spare change and want to make a go in the restaurant biz, now’s your chance!


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