Fender Bender

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Driving across the 10th Avenue South bridge at about 9:20 this morning, the car in front of me – a sporty grey model – was driving a bit too close to the center (where the ice hadn’t been worn away by drivers), and sure enough, he lost control. He slid around in a complete 360, banged against the right side of the bridge, clipped another vehicle, then slid over to the left side of the bridge, facing forward, and came to a stop. Meanwhile, I was tapping my brakes trying to slow down in the left lane, but our cars did ding, lightly. He promptly drove off, leaving the rest of us cursing and somewhat shaken, but not before I got his license: 52781V, with an AF logo. His rear end was pretty crunched up, but I didn’t notice any other damage.
I drove to the Holiday station and inspected my car – the only thing that I noticed is that my front license plate was knocked loose and is hanging by one screw.
So if anyone else was affected by this guy, here’s his license plate #, and if you need me to testify or sign a statement, just let me know.



  1. When I referred to that bridge as the “10th Avenue South Bridge”, I was quickly corrected and told it’s the “Warden Bridge”.

  2. The Warden Bridge … ah yes … The bridge that was bid for four brand new lanes contained within a single “new bridge span”, but was built containing only two new lanes for the same price.

    If you ever wonder why the old section is still standing and carries traffic, wonder no more.

    Someone came away with quite a good chunk of change on that project.

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