Blogging 101: Saturday

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UPDATE: the Blogging 101 session is scheduled for Noon at the Park-n-Ponder on Saturday, April 12th!

Saturday, March 29, around 2:00 pm at the Park-n-Ponder. We’ll relax over some snacks, coffee, etc, and talk about different types of blogs, software options, hosting choices, and such. And don’t be worried about anything too technical: trust me – if you’re able to type an e-mail, I can have you blogging like a pro in under an hour.

If you have a laptop, bring it along – the Park-n-Ponder has free WiFi!

UPDATE, Saturday morning:
WOOHOO! What a wonderful Spring Snow Storm! And yes, the Blogging 101 is still on!

FLASH: WOW — this is as bad a snow storm as I’ve ever seen — the roads are HORRIBLE! There are at least 10 major car wrecks in town requiring wrecker service. I’m the PnP right now with ReAnn and Fred, but if you plan to head out here — DON’T! The roads are terrible. We’ll have another Blogging 101 on Saturday, April 12th at noon.



  1. With all the crappy weather and the white out..did anyne look outside their windows and see the mailman doing their appointed rounds?? Kudos to the men and women of the Postal Service.

  2. Spent the night in Neihart last night; no way I was driving back from Showdown in that mess!

    Conditions at Showdown are PERFECT. Enjoy the last week of skiing before we have to climb up to the top to take a few turns!

  3. When I left Vaughn to come to town it wasn’t too bad for a terrible storm. I AM a tough Montana born & bred girl. However, half way there I was at 20 MPH & praying that if I was supposed to die on that day ” please God, make it quick”. I got there on a (as my grandma used to say) a wing & a prayer. At least going home on the icy slushy highways I could see more than 20 feet in front of me!!! WHEW!

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