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The Udder Factory meets Marie Louisa's Even in a town as small as ours, the restaurant scene is never static – things are always changing. The latest moves that I know about involve a partnership, and a consolidation of sorts. First up: The Udder Factory, which has been closed for the winter, will be re-opening in April with a new partner: Marie Louisa’s, which used to be housed (IIRC) over near Malmstrom. That’s a winning combo, I think: Italian food plus ice-cream!
And over at Holiday Village Mall, it looks like we are getting just a bit closer to having a food court, of sorts: Subway apparently relocating downstairs near the Orange Julius, and an ice-cream parlor is opening up soon nearby. Now if Posh Taco and the coffee bar would move to that area, we would be all set. So what other food choices would you like to see at the mall? I wish there was a burger joint. Maybe Zandy’s could open up an outlet, like they used to have in the Holiday station on Fox Farm & 10th Avenue, when I first moved here. UPDATE: oops – can’t forget about The Sting moving to the location currently occupied by Legends!

And speaking of the mall dining…I still miss Neon Pretzel…anyone want to open a new pretzel place? And I’m glad that Little Athens has more space since they relocated following the creation of Scheel’s. For “fancy” Greek food, Dimitri’s is great, but for the best gyro in town, Little Athens can’t be beat.



  1. Back east, every mall has at least one (usually 2+) Auntie Anne’s pretzels. That’s what I would like to see. Now if I could just find any place that makes a good Philly cheesesteak.

  2. Posh Taco is for sale. Price is 49K (turn-key). This is a great price; and books are open to any interested party. A good time to make the move to the food cluster is during an ownership transition. Listed with Gillespie Agency – Principal Partner. 761-0001

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