Blogging For Business

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Dave (not me – the Dave over at DA Redd Concrete Construction) is one of the smarter guys I’ve encountered in the blogosphere, and he offers up some insight into the business sense of maintaining a web site.
In particular, Dave talks about blogging:

When it comes to business, you can never really promote too much. Getting the word out is the most single important thing you can do in any business. Whether it be through print, radio, television, or even the world wide web, letting people know about you, and what you do should be the order of the day. Part of your promotions can include a blog. Blogging is the simplest, least expensive way to promote you, your business, and what you are all about…You can’t run around town and literally ”meet” everybody, but with a standard site or a blog, you can get pretty close to doing just that.

It’s always refreshing to see this kind of attitude, particularly someone in a business that isn’t normally associated with blogging.


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